A Whole Lot of Work Chic

Orange is one of my colors…especially for the fall and winter months. It makes me smile. And who doesn’t love smiling?

This is one of my go-to work looks: oversized sweater, midi skirt and suede boots. This look is super warm and perfect for winter day in the office. Super warm. And most importantly, it’s SUPER COMFY. I’m a sucker for comfort.

I’ve built my work wardrobe considerably over the last couple years, without breaking the bank. My hack? Merging statement pieces—kind of like my orange sweater—with basics like my sweater, midi skirt. This trick has saved me lots of coins over the years! Some of my favorite places to shop for work wear: Zara, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Gap and H&M!

Are you a color at work person or do you stick to the basics? Comment and let me know!