Case Study: Georgia State University


The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) is Georgia State University’s largest college with 80 undergraduate and graduate programs. The college comprises more than 1/2 of GSU’s student-faculty-staff population. Arguably, it’s the core of the university. But, because of its size, CAS was having trouble tailoring messages for its target populations. After a number of focus groups were held, it was discovered that only 40% of CAS students knew that their major was housed in the college. They didn’t correlate the two. The same was true for faculty members and even some staff members.

We wanted to rebrand CAS in a way that ignited pride and a true understanding of who the college was, what the college offered and how the college can help all of its targets—from faculty to current and prospective students and beyond—elevate.


Goal: Increase awareness of the College of Arts and Sciences, particularly the college’s majors, offerings and benefits; retain and drive enrollment


Our solution: two video series, CAS Spotlight and GSU Profiles. Once a month, we highlighted majors, students and faculty members and their contributions to the bigger umbrella which is the College of Arts and Sciences. We ran the spotlight campaign for 6 months before assessing our success. See the Outcomes section to learn what measures we used to evaluate the campaign.


We assessed our success using end-of-semester surveys, focus groups and one-on-one interviews. Through the campaign, we were able to increase awareness from 40% to 75% in six months.